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Ward G.
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"Good program, but has a major shortcoming."

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I like Fences; it adds a convenient functionality, but has an irritating deficiency. When new file or document icon is added (I tend to create several temp files on desktop), they are created by Windows UNDER a "Fence" if it is located on left side of screen. To resolve issue, one must make sure all fences are far enough to the right that empty desktop space is on left for new icons. Not a big issue, but can be frustrating. If it were possible to designate a fence on desktop as default location for new icons, it would be a big help.

  • Good organizer for desktop.
  • Low system load.
  • A 'fun' app, looks neat on desktop. Lots of favorable comments.
  • Can't configure to have new icons default to a 'fence' rather than desktop.
  • Difficult to uninstall. Impulse function sometimes doesn't work & link to download/install/uninstall is problematic (down or unavailable a lot).

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07 Nov 2009

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